5 Top Tips for Training Indoors

5 Top Tips for Training Indoors

There's no doubt that the world of indoor training and cycling has exploded in light of Covid...  (Since when was a set of second hand dumbbells £80???...) - and whether you were a convert before - or new to virtual cycling, it's here to stay. 

But not all indoor training is equal - and if you want to get the most from it, you'll wanna listen in. We caught up with Rob from Rob Shaw coaching, a man who puts in more graft than most and asked him for his top five tips: 

Rob Shaw


With the weather in the UK becoming colder and the risk of ice on the roads, training indoors during the winter is going to be key. With this said, the news of a national lockdown in the UK, till when who knows, also gives good reason to why we should Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Better our lives

Here are my 5 top tips for training indoors on the bike on Zwift (others are available :)

1. Structuring your sessions is really going to help 
Not only will each session have a purpose but the time you are on the bike ‘will go faster’. This leads me on to my next tip.
Ben Marsters
                                   Ben Marsters

2. Ride with others  
Group rides are perfect for those long aerobic sessions. Other types of group rides are not as helpful (opinion), as they naturally go against my first tip of structuring sessions and for sessions to have a purpose. That's why it is also worth mentioning, that if you do choose to join a group ride: don’t get drawn into racing. Stick to your planned session. Another good idea is to also ride using the ‘Meet Up’ option with friends. It’s fun!

3. Make sure to use a fan 
You don’t want to overheat whilst cycling. If doing harder intervals: crank the fan right up. If it is cold in your place of cycling, start wrapped up and take layers off if needed. The other day I wore gloves to start my indoor ride. If you ride in a garage 'pain cave' you might know what I mean. With that said, I have invested in a small heater, which I try to leave on for a few hours before I train. Every little helps! 

4. Fuelling is important 
You sweat more indoors, so ensure you top up your fluids. A sensible approach is one bottle per hour. It’s better to have more fluid available than not enough. I use a trolley next to my bike (not pictured). It may also be worth conducting a series of sweat tests to gain a better picture into how much you sweat and how to fuel appropriately. If you would like further information in how to do this: please do get in touch. 
I would also recommend that if training for longer than an hour: try to eat whilst on the bike. Real food is going to be the cheaper way of fuelling your training, whereas you may opt to fuel using liquids if working at a high intensity or if your gut is telling you to do so. It is worth noting at this point that if working at a high intensity you may choose to follow the rule of replacing those calories burned through consuming carbohydrates in the form of 1g of CHo to 1kg of body weight. If working at a lower intensity and wanting to fuel for longer rides it would be safe to consume anywhere from 30-75g per hour depending on what works for you. It is best to test! 
Lee cycling
                              Lee Imrie

5. Have a towel at the ready 
Placing a towel over your handlebars is going to stop the sweat corrosion to your bike. It will also allow for you to dry your forehead as and when needed. I also always wear a hat. I don’t like sweat in my eyes, on the bike or on the floor. It’s best to prevent damage and to be able to see your wonderful Zwift avatar cruising around on your screen. It may also be worth having a set of headphones or wireless headphones so that you can listen to music, make phone calls or chat with friends whilst training. 

I am sure these 5 top tips will help you to enjoy riding indoors this winter. I love it! I am level 50 on @gozwift and have vEverested in 2020.
For more cycling tips and coaching opportunities, check Robs Instagram page
Rob riding

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