Team Huckson Vs The Vitruvian

Team Huckson Vs The Vitruvian

This was a big one for us. Months of planning and preparation, resulting in an epic weekend of racing, challenges and putting faces to names. 

Event Sunrise

What started out as a casual chat about racing as a team, soon gathered momentum - and due to its reputation, stunning location and timing, it was decided that our first team meet would take place at the Vitruvian - on Rutland Water. 

Bike challenge

The stage was set and 'Pacesetter' the event organiser were excited to host us for this inaugural meet up. Now we just needed a team of guys to take down! Thankfully there was no shortage of athletes keen to get stuck in. It was coming together nicely. 

Beer pour

We didn’t just want to turn up however. We wanted to make a weekend of it - so we devised a range of activities and challenges, including a Wattbike challenge and an ice-dip…(with the added bonus of a cold beer for those brave enough!) There was even a post-race massage put on for athletes. Live Q&A with industry experts also provided insider knowledge and prepared the competitors for the race ahead. 

Christie Bike

Race day. We woke to an incredible sunrise. This was a sign of things to come. The athletes of Team Huckson gathered, racked their bikes and made their way to the water’s edge. What a venue! 

Ice Pod

The place erupted on the horn and off they went. Back at base we kept the supporters entertained and waited for the weary athletes to return - and enjoy the cold beer waiting for them (in the ice pod…)

Crowd Cheers


What a weekend. We loved meeting athletes, introducing them to our gear and watching them sweat it out on the Wattbike - or chill in our Ice Pod. But above all, it was a chance to meet supporters, customers and team mates in person.

Medal time


We’re already signed up for next year and can’t wait to get back. This time with dozens more athletes. 

If you’d like to join the team and race with Huckson. Please head to our Team Page and find out more.

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