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Three Disciplines, One Community®

By its nature, endurance and multi-discipline training can be lonely at times, and whilst we know that flying solo can be great, nothing beats knowing you’re part of a team; one that has your back, celebrating with you during the good times - but also there to offer support during the tough times. 

And that’s why we’ve created Team Huckson, a community of over 500 like-minded athletes, all sharing a passion for endurance sports. 

By providing safe and inclusive, social and training platforms, members can connect and rely on others for support, motivation and inspiration. Alongside the camaraderie, you’ll also enjoy access to exclusive team products, invites to team events, offers and brand insights.

Who’s it for?

We're a sporting community fuelled by passion and driven by ambition, so whether newbie or elite, we welcome athletes of all abilities. 

What are the perks?

  • 20% off your first order.
  • Free shipping for life. 
  • Invitation to team events and races. 
  • Connecting with others via our private Facebook group. 
  • Early access to products.
  • Group rides on Zwift.
  • Team Huckson Strava Team membership.
  • Staying motivated with others via our Messenger group. 
  • Access to exclusive team products.

How do I join?

Membership is free. All we ask is that you bring positive vibes only. To find out more, please click to view or download our Team Huckson PDF.

To join today and save 20% on your first order, simply enter your email address below. An email with links to our platforms and ways you can get involved will follow.