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Our Story

Born through desire to represent the triathlon and endurance community, Huckson is an independent British sportswear brand, creating dependable performance gear and apparel.

Hailing from the rugged shores of northern England, our badge represents a tribe of athletes, whose passion and ambition fuels an insatiable appetite for competition and adventure.


As triathletes ourselves, we wanted to wear clothing that associated with the sport and aligned with our values. Dissatisfied with what was available, we set out to develop products that would represent the triathlon, multisport and endurance community.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between performance and casual clothing. We create technical products and casual collections which support the training requirements and lifestyle demands of endurance athletes.

Fuelled by passion. Driven by ambition.


Quality: We believe good things are meant to last. Like the athletes who wear them, our products are built to go the distance.

Functionality: Comfort, style and performance underpin all that we create. By combining form with function, we develop products that support your active lifestyle. 

Sustainability: We operate as responsibly as possible, seeking to minimise the impact of our activity on the planet. Materials are sourced through certified manufacturers before being finished locally. Plastics are kept to an absolute minimum.


It's 5am and you're pulling yourself out of bed. All your gear's ready. It's dark and cold outside. Race day is finally here. The water's freezing, the climb is steep and the trail long. The finish line's in sight. Head down - gotta finish strong. Burning lungs. Big relief. Bigger grins. The best feeling in the world. It's what we live for.

Our team consists of athletes. Just like you, we live and breath the sport and feel blessed to be able to participate and compete. Through our actions and the content we share, our hope is to inspire and encourage others.


We create performance wear and apparel, designed and built for multisport athletes. It's the dependable gear you turn to, before, during and after sport.

We take a community-first approach: putting people before profits. Our mission is to operate and evolve responsibly, creating a global brand which belongs to this unique and passionate community. 

We’re here for the ride and hope you’ll join us.

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