Fitting It All in… a Quick Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together.

Fitting It All in… a Quick Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together.

If you’re like us you probably struggle to fit in all in; training, family, events and work. It’s relentless!

That’s why we salivate with envy when we see someone who seemingly has got their shizzle together. Obviously we wanted to know the secret.... Enter Daniella Florence. If her Gram is anything to go by, she’s grafting none stop, racing, squeezing in family time and making it to training camp. Oh, and she was just moving house when we asked could she find the time to tell us how she fits it all in… Over to Daniella: 


Daniella Sits

Racing, fun & fitness… who else finds it tough juggling a full-time job, hobbies and racing with a busy life - all whilst trying to enjoy the training process itself? One thing I try to do is plan my calendar far in advance. It helps me to focus on where I am (adulting or racing), while my coach monitors my training and adapts to my hectic life (my support line).

Thankfully I am a morning person, so I benefit more from waking up earlier and  getting my training out the way. This sets me up for the day. I know some prefer the extra hours in bed. It’s about listening to your body and then creating (and planning)  a schedule that works best for you.

Daniella Runs

Nutrition & hydration before, during and after are key to maintaining energy levels and performance. I’ve discovered batch cooking in advance helps me when the training days are long. I’ve even gone so far as to plan my weekly shop against my calendar too! This really helps and takes away the (often time-consuming and painful) day to day decision making about what to have for lunch! 

It’s about balance. 

Daniella IM

Remember to give and take in a relationship. Unexpected things happen which may mean you have to give up sessions… I’m talking ‘weddings, having to work extra late - or getting sick. Or vice versa, you could be out longer than you agreed (think punctures and  ‘unexpected’ café stops :)

Stick with the plan!

Be prepared to listen to your body and to stop feeling guilty if you are tired and want to miss a session. The one I struggle with is resting. Zone 2 runs can be considered active recovery, increasing blood flow. It builds aerobic capacity and can improve overall fitness. Plus, low intensity training reduces the risk of injury. I always put some time aside to create playlists which keep me motivated on a long run. 

Daniella by sign

Never give up on the dream.

It can be nerve racking when trying something new, but you don’t have to do it alone. I found joining a local triathlon club has made training fun, I have gained friendships in and out of sports. Being with like minded people has pushed me out of my comfort zone and entered events I’ve never heard or dreamed of. 

Daniella Cycles

To sum up…

I may be repeating myself here, but planning is key! Speak to your friends and family, tell them what you wish to achieve. You may be surprised with the support (they might even want to  join you)... 

Invest in a coach. You may not think it now but professional guidance and well-designed training plans are instrumental to your success. If you’re on a budget, there are lots of blogs and free training plans on the internet.

When choosing a race: Set yourself a budget! Do you want to support local events or go with a big brand? A lot of local events cry out for marshals (a great way to be inspired & gain entry for next year). What distance do you want to cover? What terrain; hilly or flat?  

But most importantly, have a goal and fix your mind on it. Understanding your reason for wanting to achieve this goal, will keep you focused when the going gets tough or you’re one foot out the door, facing a run in torrential rain! Good luck on your journey. 


Daniella has currently parked her sub10 Ironman goal to focus on cycling. 'It's about Road racing, Crits, Timetrials and chasing points!'

Thanks Daniella for your time in putting pen to paper. We know how busy you are!

Daniella can be followed here on Instagram @daniellaflorencebella

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