Welcome To The Tribe

Welcome To The Tribe

Thanks for being a part of the story so far... 

It's been only four months since our launch in Sept. That's flown by - and as imagined, it's been quite a ride! 

We've already made some great friends and have been blown away by the encouragement, support and positivity of those around us. Conviction in our belief that the triathlon and multi-sport community is the best there is. 

Most of all, we've enjoyed meeting you guys and building a community of like-minded individuals - all sharing a common passion for sport, the outdoors and adventure. 

Regardless of skill level, experience or status - newcomer or elite, we all seek to push our mental and physical boundaries and to positively live our lives to the limit - making the most of each day and opportunity. It's witnessing this drive, determination and desire to squeeze every drop out of life that inspires us. 

As we push on into the next decade, it's exciting to watching the season planning coming together - and we wait with bated breath to see how you get on, achieving goals and embarking on new adventures. Hopefully we can share in that success. 

Please keep your photos coming through. Tag us and let us share your pursuits. Here's a few of our favourites from 2019 and we look forward to compiling the next collection of your accomplishments. 

Here's wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in all that you pursue in 2020. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that journey too. We'd like to think we have your back... 


Team Huckson



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