Adapting to Change During Lockdown

Adapting to Change During Lockdown


At Team Huckson, we're all about positive vibes and no-one shares them like Lucy Davies. Accepting the fact that the 2020 season is slipping away is hard for everyone - but possibly even harder when you're looking forward to scooping medals. 

We LOVE Lucy's approach to training.. It's about training hard - but having fun at the same time. Mixing it up and getting outdoors with friends. We asked her how she was facing into 2020 and adapting to training during lockdown?! Over to Lucy: 

How this year has taken a turn! With training camps planned, races galore and all the group training sessions in the diary, this year has not gone quite as expected. I was extremely lucky to get a race in this year already at the European Duathlon Championship in Punta Umbria, Spain (which happened to be the best race of my life). The plan from then on was a training camp in Mallorca at the end of March, Marbella 70.3 Ironman at the end of April and then a half ironman distance race every month until October.

Like many of us, I was really ready for the season to begin and get racing!

Although cancelling and postponing all these plans is extremely disappointing, it has been the right decision. I think we should be thankful that we can still train outside (once a day of course), and trust that every hour we put into training now will prepare us even more for those races when they do come around.

I think one of the most important attributes of a triathlete is the ability to adapt to any given situation, whether in training or in races. And that is exactly what I have done.

All my training has gone back to base endurance building, so lots of easy/steady runs and rides, and strength training, exactly like in off-season.

If I had continued to train like I was building for a race I would have burned out, or worse developed an injury. I am not holding out any hope that racing will happen this year, just because for me that is easier. If it does then I will cross that bridge when we get there, but there is no point stressing about the unknown, it is what it is! Not being able to set specific goals for the season is challenging, but I am staying positive and trusting in my newly evolved training plan.

The lack of swimming is the biggest change in lockdown, which is gutting as I love swimming, and even those who don’t are starting to miss it. But this time has also provided me with the opportunity to incorporate strength into my training. I have never done any specific strength sessions, apart from strength incorporated into swim, bike, run, but now I am doing 2-3 strength sessions a week, including StrechCordz (dryland swimming). Muscle memory is an amazing thing and swimming will come back naturally, and by activating these muscles regularly it will make us stronger and more efficient swimmer when back in the pool.

The biggest thing I am trying to do is have fun (not that it isn’t always fun right? 😉).

For me this is doing sessions I wouldn’t be able to do in season around races, so lots of trail running and some mountain biking. I am lucky enough to have moved back to my family home and have my mum, dad and brother to do bike rides with, and amazing trail runs with them on the mountain bikes. As triathletes we are social beings, if by social it means being in bed my 9pm and spending hours of the day training…but even so I personally love long rides and big training days with my friends at the weekend, and I’ve really missed this during lockdown. So I’ve settled for second best and it has really helped. I’ve done a number of rides with my team on Zwift and used Discord so we can all chat together like we are on a ride, it’s great!

The transition hasn’t all been easy, I found it hard to take a step back mentally and physically from training as all I wanted to do was push the volume ready to race. But listening to my coach and doing this was has been so important. As the lockdown has gone on my motivation has really gone up and down, with some days finding it harder to wake up to get a session in before work (despite getting more sleep). But that is OK, everyone has days like that and sometimes your body just says no, so its best to have a day off and go on a walk, or just have a really easy day rather than what is set in your plan. It will not impact your fitness, and in the long run it is probably a good thing.

Things change, we adapt and the show goes on – it is all part of life. So listen to your body, work together and stay motivated - we will end up stronger – we got this! #TeamHuckson


Thanks Lucy. You can follow Lucy's season and adventures on Instagram @triathlondavies.


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